Half Light – Athlete

7 Jul

If you know Athlete, you probably know them for their utterly beautiful song Wires, which propelled the band’s second album, Tourist, to number one in the UK Album Charts after just a week. That song is was inspired when lead singer Joel Pott’s newborn baby was rushed to intensive care after a premature birth. Because of the colossal success of Wires, a lot of their other music has been outshone, and that’s why I’m here today to introduce you to Half Light:

Really love this song. It has so many different aspects, and I feel like it’s traditional rock but with a more electro twist. Tourist was really a great album, and I’d recommend going and buying the whole thing, because it’s one of those CDs where every song is strong.

One Response to “Half Light – Athlete”

  1. miguelillo21 November 7, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    Nice song! I just love the lyrics http://rockandmusic.ws/2011/11/half-light-athlete.html, thanks for sharing all these good music.

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