Moses – Wray & Nephew

6 Jun

You don’t have to win our competition to be a winner and celebrate our first birthday. Named after fine Jamaican rum, Wray & Nephew show serious promise on their first release, Moses. Judging from the amount I can find out about the group on the interweb, they’re just beginning; the EP only came into my hands through the recommendation of a friend. I’m now passing on the recommendation. (The album artwork is also really nice).

The title song from the EP shows itself to be following the current novel British musical movement that I’ve already looked at with artists like To Kill A King. It’s a sound which is hard to put a finger on but the music is characterised by the focus on the lyrics, with the surrounding arrangement designed to only compliment. Moses (which unsurprisingly is about our favourite sailor from the Old Testament) is a lovely acoustic track which manages to create a lasting impression through the dynamic progression across the song.

The only shame is that the recording of the song is clearly a demo – I want a master version! It’s time to get Wray & Nephew in the studio and I only hope the band broaden their online presence so that next time we feature them I can at least pretend that I have done some actual journalistic research. But until that day, the whole EP is downloadable for free so yay (this was the winning I referred to earlier)!

P.S. The end is hilariously appropriate for the song which transforms a great deal over the four minutes.


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