Motorbike – Pete And The Pirates

26 May

Following the seemingly overnight success of the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and the Kaiser Chiefs in 2005, British music was deluged with young pretenders to emulate the sound and join the movement. Their success was wildly varied, for every Winter Kids, there were hundreds of Milburns. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all of it but looking back, the quality varied massively. Pete and the Pirates put out their debut in 2008, Little Death, a grossly under-appreciated indie pop record which was had so many hooks that… (insert fishing/pirate analogy).

A couple of days ago, the boys from Reading returned with their second effort, One Thousand Pictures, a record which makes Little Death look pale in comparison in terms of quality. This is an inventive and really intelligent record with songs like Winter 1 and Washing Powder showing a refreshing variety of sound. That’s not all; they even do a little bit of political commentary (always a good thing) on Little Gun.

But in reality, while all of this hopefully will be enough to get Pete And The Pirates the acclaim and air time they deserve, I just wanted a song to put on repeat. Motorbike is that song. Frenetic drumbeats and some well-placed guitar lines help to contribute to super-catchy vocals that make it a really fantastic listen. It’s a great song and warrants the attention of the many that have long since abandoned this genre as over-exploited and something not to return anytime soon.


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