Is There Anybody Out There – The Bang

6 May

Coincidence is a funny thing. The Bang reached out to the blog a week or so ago, an alternative rock band from Fife in Scotland, for us to review their music. It turned out I already had some music from these guys – mental! While that may not be a big deal if they were called The Killers, when it is an unsigned band working their way up the ladder, it’s pretty amazing. But the fact that I had the music already let me know that I was not to be disappointed with would follow.

Is There Anybody Out There is their first officially released single and it’s good to see they’ve lost none of their charm that endeared them to me in the first place. Nice lyrics, driving guitars and the lovely Scottish accent makes this an instant favourite in my book (reflected by a play count of in excess of 40 already). An excellent start for a band that I can only see growing from here on out!

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