Leyton – My Vessel

25 Apr

Always awesome to get to write about new music from My Vessel and today is an extra special Easter Monday treat for all of you. Two brand new songs both of which are awesome so just a top result really! My Vessel have that sort of sound that really engages you, well placed synth lines and catchy choruses, made more impressive that its now just Jaime Randall running the group so all the music is done by him with a laptop (If you read the review of Kid North you’ll see the respect I have for such an accomplishment).

The first of the two came out only four days ago and is just an awesome sounding piece of music. My Vessel is able to consistently craft big sounds in their songs and Labanakt is no exception.  Just for those of you are curious like me as to what Labanakt actually is, it’s Lithuanian for Goodnight. Other than that, I don’t really know what the song represents but it sure sounds fucking good!

Leyton got through to me yesterday and it’s just magical. I appreciate that sounds really weird but when you hear the awesome electronics and the funky vocals, it’s almost impossible not to feel like you’re in a dream. And also, Dave Sells (lead singer of Look See Proof) puts some backing vocals to this! So there you have it folks, as long as My Vessel keeps going, the Look See Proof legacy will live on, and potentially be, dare I say it, surpassed.


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