The Trailing Skirts of God – Bell X1

15 Apr

It was strange to me today when I tried to chat with a few of my friends, all of whom are big music fans, about the merit of Bell X1. Turns out that none of them had heard of Bell X1 which makes me think that maybe I am one of the few outside of Ireland. In Ireland, Bell X1 are the second biggest band behind U2 (no exaggeration), made famous by anthemic pop and beautiful vocals. They came first to my attention, and many others, when Eve the Apple of My Eye played during a famous lesbian kiss on the OC (how do we always end up on that show!?).

Bell X1 have often been compared to Talking Heads, which should not be seen as a bad thing. However, in parts of their latest album Bloodless Coup, they get a little bit bogged down in bringing out 80s sounds. That said, Velcro, the lead single is super catchy and is all things Bell X1, great drumline, soaring guitars and some Keane-esque vocals.

Paul Noonan is an outstanding vocalist for the band and his talents can be seen all over the album, but is most impressive on The Trailing Skirts of God. A song which examines Catholic culture in Ireland, showcasing lyrical skill and depth, and remains a lovely piece to listen to.

It raises itself above some of the superificial lines in the rest of the album to become something that is more than just typical Bell X1 pop, but a true insight into a vital aspect of Irish life. Just listen and see for yourself – I don’t need to explain why this is so poetic.

“The trailing skirts of God
Have passed on by
But oh how I cling on
Cos it’s been a rich seam of song
And though it’s make-believe
Can I bring myself to leave
This lie’s been burning too long


3 Responses to “The Trailing Skirts of God – Bell X1”

  1. Shoodster April 15, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    I, Shoodster, cousin of the infamous Moodster, am 1/16th Irish and I only heard about them at 16:16 today.

    Keep it up you strapping wild music fellow.

  2. shakes April 16, 2011 at 12:08 am #

    nice work with the site, keep it up!
    BellX1 are class! prob most popular band in Ireland, next to snowpatrol and U2. but keane? where that statement come from!! haha, most people prob never heard of them! they not irish either if that was the angle u were coming from!

  3. Suse B April 18, 2011 at 11:11 pm #

    I’d hope by now that Bell X1 are more popular than Keane in Ireland! They definitely get far more airplay anyway (although national stations are required to play a certain percentage of Irish music, but Bell X1 would probably still win out regardless!). I firmly maintain that if Paul Noonan had been a straight poet rather than a songwriter we would be studying his works for Leaving Cert in a few years.

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