Concentrate – Tom Williams & The Boat

6 Apr

Artists across the world of music will always be coming and going. It requires something unique and rare for a band to be able outlast the thousands of others. I get the impression that Tom Williams & The Boat will be a group that will last. Having received air time on Radio 1, 2 & 6 and been the only unsigned band ever to be featured on a Radio 6 playlist, they have already made quite an impression. The size of the impression is only going to grow, and you’ll understand why when you listen to the songs.

Their debut album, Too Slow, and single, Get Older, are both already out and have fuelled the group’s growth but their second single, Concentrate, is of outstanding quality in a number of ways. On first listen, it builds like a Maxïmo Park or Editors song with a deep sound and uplifting feel created by strong vocals and an excellent musical arrangement. This alone has been enough to push bands into the public eye sufficiently so as to perform to packed stadiums and sell a wealth of records (see two previous groups). But when you listen again, the most impressive aspect shines through. Lyrically, this song is so far superior to anything you’re likely to hear for a while. It tells of the thoughts of a would-be home-grown suicide bomber and how horribly undervalued he has become in his own society.

“I think I’m intelligent

I think I’m open minded

I think I’m the future”

I don’t know what the inspiration for the song may have been but regardless, it’s moving. I’m going to say it again, any song that can tell a story, let alone one this good, that flows perfectly with the music, is one which all bands should be striving to emulate. (I don’t count songs that say “I need a wish right now” as songs telling a story, sorry B.O.B).

It’s all really rather amazing and Tom Williams and The Boat without doubt have the Can You Hear This recommendation as a group that will do big things next year. Look out for an interview with the group soon for an explanation of inspiration!


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