Plage – Crystal Fighters

5 Apr

Crystal Fighters: They're craaazy

If Crystal Fighters are anything, it’s colourful. Five ‘hipsters (I use that term tentatively)’ playing, Basque-influenced folk music. Doesn’t sound like your thing right? Wrong, because a quick listen shows that the music is really awesome. The band claim to have formed after “singer Laure discovered a diary of her insane, now deceased grandfather at his Basque country home, containing the skeleton of a incomplete opera and the future band’s name as a title.” Almost certainly a lie but undoubtedly interesting and the group have clearly carried on his legacy – the music is crazy fun!

Their debut album, Star Of Love, was out way back in October but as so often happens, adverts can bring about a revival. That said, Matalan are an unlikely source featuring Plage in their “feel good fashion” campaign. The advert has been out for literally hours in the UK and although not creating a strong brand image, it certainly works well with the song. Plage has all manner of instruments thrown in with a wonderfully catchy song. Right now my whole family are ridiculously irritated; this song has not gone off repeat for the past hour. Think Friendly Fires, alternative dance music, but with more variety. And if you want even more variation, listen to the rest of the debut album – it oozes quirkiness.


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