You’re The One That I Want – Angus & Julia Stone

30 Mar

Lazy Days: Angus & Julia Stone have carved a niche all of their own.

Angus & Julia Stone are probably the best sibling musical act to come out of Australia (do the Veronicas really provide much competition?) As the sun shines more brightly and Summer holiday prospects become more and more tangible, they’re the perfect alternative to tiresome Jack Johnson. Although they’ve been around since 2007 (their debut album reached number 1 in their native country) they haven’t fully broken out into the U.K yet. Surprising really, given their laid-back, intelligent records are radio-friendly and that there’s no-one quite like them in the mainstream. Their most popular song, Paper Aeroplane was featured on the Hotel Costes’ annual album, which is always a good sign:

Their albums are worth listening to, providing  a neatly formed narrative and musical thread. It’s definitely an album you should listen to in one go. However, my favourite song of theirs is a cover. I had completely forgot about it for my article about music covers which is a great shame because it is a remarkable song. Somewhat surprising, Angus & Julia Stone decided to cover one of Grease’s biggest songs, You’re The One That I Want:

It’s quite unexpected and brilliant at the same time. There’s often a danger with covers to fall in love straightaway, as the U.K did with Florence’s You Got The Love and this seems no different. If it were to played on mainstream radio, I have no doubt it would follow in Adele’s cover of Make You Feel My Love. However, in the mean time I’d recommend basking in its dreamy vocals and take pleasure in sharing it with friends, if only to remind them in three months time who found the song first.

One Response to “You’re The One That I Want – Angus & Julia Stone”

  1. Kashika Vohra July 9, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    Ah! I take a little downtime from the blogging universe and come back
    to find that you have a ton of followers?!
    Wow, times have changed! Keep up the primo work!

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