Seek Bromance – Tim Berg

21 Mar

Time now for a little bit of a guilty pleasure I have to admit. We haven’t posted any dance for a while, and although this might sound like trash to some of you, I’m hoping that the horrendous nature of Rebecca Black’s Friday will make you happy to hear anything else. Now, in the original edit, which is below, you’ll need to hold your own and withstand almost 20 seconds of pure bass before you get to the good stuff. I know you can do it (and if you can’t, just skip to 20 secs).

If you’re having a party tonight, maybe throw this one on and see what kind of reception it gets. Also maybe re-evaluate your priorities because it’s Monday today and you should probably be hard at work. Anyway, let us know if you want more of this trancey dancey stuff because really, you’re the boss. Also, if the original was too bland for you, be sure to watch the (really funny) music video of the song below, which actually has some vocals.


One Response to “Seek Bromance – Tim Berg”

  1. Jordan Webb May 28, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    Yes yes yes, more dance!! Haha

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