Yorkshire – For Abel

16 Mar

I don’t know if you all remember but a few months ago, I blogged a song called I Just Wish and while I loved the song, I spent much of the article talking about how curious it was that it had ended up on a production music site. But recently I was given an explanation by the man who manages For Abel who are the group that penned and recorded the song. I Just Wish is actually the same as their song Telephone but is released under a different name so that advertisers can use the song.

Hope that clears any confusion up so now onto today. For Abel are yet another Scottish band with a whole load of promise and according to Chris Martin at NME Radio, “deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the best of British indie bands.” They play indie rock with some awesome jagged guitars and good musical variation. They bring out a classical rock sound in their music which works to update a sound that we’ve heard all before and make it sound as fresh as the first Stones or Clash song.

Their debut album, Greater Inventions will be released on May 16th but ahead of that, we’ve got what will be the lead single, Yorkshire for your listening pleasure. The song has a feel good vibe going on and is a great showcase for the band’s sound – catchy, intelligent rock. For me, what makes this and other For Abel songs so good is lyrical quality. I love it when songs actually communicate a message and this song certainly does and far from detracting from the musicality, it compliments it wonderfully.


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