All At Once – The Airborne Toxic Event

26 Feb

I’ve always loved The Airborne Toxic Event ever since their mesmerising debut album. The artwork was just the start of what is one of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard. What was amazing about the debut  was that their first record received such significant success without a major record label backing them. They singed to independent label Majordormo and toured tirelessly to achieve the success they undeniably deserved.

The five-piece from LA are different from most alternative groups, employing keyboards and strings in all their music. It gives them a powerful sound and one which led to them signing to Island Records following the success of their debut. The stand out in the band however is Mikel Jollett who has a magnificent voice and also writes the bands beautiful music. He had been writing a novel in 2006 when, over the space of the week, he suffered some life-changing experiences. At this point he decided to switch from prose to song writing and transformed his book into an album. This therefore can explain the depth in T.A.T.E’s music and why they are musically and lyrically stunning.

All at Once will be the second album and promises to be just as majestic as the first (I am running out of superlatives…). And luckily for us fans they’ve released a couple of singles already and just put up the video of the title track. As expected, it is so lovely on the ears. Jollet’s voice shines bright and the violin swells behind to create the song that I hoped for. It’s fantastic and their album will be out in April so now is the time to get excited!


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