Grace – The View

13 Feb

I’ve always liked The View. Four Scottish guys playing indie rock is “right up my street.” The View first came to prominence in 2007 with the single Same Jeans. At the time, I didn’t really like it but the band got to #3 in the singles charts and #1 in the album charts with Hats off to the Buskers the following week. However, since then, the band have faded away as their sophomore effort, Which Bitch? failed to make a significant impact. This was, to me, a huge disappointment as it was a great record and better than the first in many respects.

Breads and Circuses is to be their follow up and is coming out next month, preceded by lead single, Grace and it’s The View at their rowdy best. It’s got jagged guitars, booming drums and a delectably catchy chorus. In comparison to Same Jeans, The View’s sound has really matured, but that Scottish accent is still so strong and gives them an infectious quality. It’s so fresh and hopefully will have enough behind it to push The View back into the charts!

Their video is pretty entertaining too, if anything because Kyle Falconer‘s hair has continued to remain ridiculously schoolboy. But that schoolboy style is endearing and makes me like them even more.

(Also, this is an awesome lyric – “I’m a sober boy and you’re a lonely girl, so let’s give it up and stay out of each other’s worlds“)

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