Magazine – Pedro The Lion

8 Feb

David Bazan and his band Pedro The Lion was one of the finest indie rock groups of the past 25 years. Formed in Seattle and playing for a decade between 1995 2005, Pedro the Lion was the project of David Bazan, accompanied by various backing musicians.  Four albums were made, all of which were remarkable in themselves. It was indie rock meets slow ballad and the result is just really moving.

Control was the third album and was a narrative, concept LP. To quote, it is “about a business man who is having an affair on his wife, who kills him” and it covers extremely pertinent themes like greed, vengeance and a fear of death.

Magazine, to me, is the most moving. What’s great is that, although I have picked one, every single song has unique aspects which are so atmospheric and vivid. Magazine specifically is about the protagonist’s reaction to criticism and then about the further acceptance of his own inadequacies. The chorus is dark..

“Healthy skin
Perfect teeth
Designed to hide
What lies beneath”

It’s all really rather depressing but it is just simply so emotive that it doesn’t bother me. If it’s a bit too melancholy for your tastes, fingers crossed tomorrow will be a cheerier song – I think I need it!

A YouTuber puts it best – “This song is truth in four minutes.”


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