Little Bit – Lykke Li

7 Feb

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson or Lykke Li, if you’re feeling less adventurous, is one of Sweden’s finest exports. Recently, she’s released I Follow Rivers (which is really worth checking out thanks to its fantastic videos):

It’s a really great, moody tune but I thought it would be cool to go through her discography as lots haven’t checked out her past songs. First off there’s I’m Good, I’m Gone which is one of her poppiest songs and smacks of Summer-soulfullness. Here’s the video for that (slightly unusual but wondrous nonetheless).

She also does a really great live cover of that song on her tour, giving hope for viable, live-singing popstars that X Factor pretty much decided to ruin. What I think is great about her is that she’s unashamedly pop but, like Robyn, manages to incorporate some thought into her songs (and unlike Robyn, her songs boast a longevity.) If I’m Good, I’m Gone (and its remixes) provide the backdrop to your Saturday night party, Little Bit is the soundtrack to your Sunday thoughts. It’s a gentle, upbeat and at the same time sensitive number that really grows on you. Worryingly, Drake is currently using it in one of his songs but I’m going to hope that’s some horrible, musical mistake that will soon rectify itself. Here’s the unblemished video (it’s a bit Ellie Goulding-esque but without the raspiness):

That’s just a taster of her work and she’s got enough seriously good tracks to make us very excited for her latest offering.


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