All of the Lights – Kanye West

3 Feb

Of all the albums to be released last year, Kanye’s caused a lot of fuss. Personally, I awaited it with anticipation. Kanye is the type of artist that causes cross-genre popularity, mixing gritty rap with creative flair. As much as his previous album was an exercise of Autotune (with some great hits, it must be said) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is full-on Kanye Madness. Post-Taylor Swift, Kanye needed a way to hit back, and this, partly succeeds. It features some fantastic collaborations, Bon Iver providing a great mix of musicality in particular. His track, POWER garnered some  commercial success but it seems, relatively speaking, this album has not been a huge hit (36th best-selling of 2010.) This is a shame, as Kanye, no matter what you may think of him, is a truly exciting artist.

What is interesting, however is Kanye’s 30-minute video to go with Runaway. It’s a truly amazing song but the video is something else (one of my favourite’s of last year, barring Arcade Fire’s wonderful attempts):

The 3 minute version isn’t hard to find, but if you have time check that out. My favourite track of MBDTF is All Of The Lights. It achieves something quite rare, a great pop track with an interesting dynamic. It’s definitely a return to the infectious hits of Graduation but demonstrating a more refined version. Here’s the track:

A really salubrious track but it’s great to see Rihanna back with Kanye (Run This Town continues to be one of the most played on my iPod). Let’s just hope it picks up some more attention before Lady Gaga assaults us with more pretentious pop ensembles.

Also, because you’ve probably heard this track (since no one stopped talking about MBDTF for a while), here’s an awesome remix by Pretty Lights:

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