Hold On Loosely – 38 Special

31 Jan


So its a new theme and a new start for us and so I decided to take a look back at what I had done. Every single song so far has been new and yet the blog says we like music from decades past!? So anyway, I actually do, 80s rock music in particular – when having hair like a girl was socially acceptable. And I thought, what best represents this type of music and I became unstuck but then, Without a Paddle (great film) came to the rescue and I heard this.

38 Special have been going for 37 years now and are rock band from Jacksonville Florida and their last album came out 7 years ago but they are still touring. But today is about their breakout track Hold on Loosely. Released in 1981, it reached 27 in the charts but started the band on their journey to the rock all of fame, culminating in the biggest success – being featured in a Seth Green movie…

Hold on Loosely plays as Seth and the gang go off  to a lake before they take a trip looking for treasure. Sounds cringe right? But the movie does sum up so much of what the song represents. Its a really well-crafted rock song with a bit of college angst. Its exciting, it makes you feel good and it does what music is supposed to do. If you like classic American rock and haven’t heard of 38 Special, put these guys right up there with the likes of ZZ Top. Really good song – and from before 2010!?


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