Pyro – Kings of Leon

27 Jan

Okay, I know that you all thought our raving about the new Kings of Leon album Come Around Sundown, but it has only just struck me how insanely good this song is. It’s one of those songs for me that I’ve listened to tirelessly over the last few days. I love everything about it; the guitar noodling right at the beginning, the crashing drum beat, everything. Really, just take a listen, it’s awesome.

I also really love the lyrics. If you listen and get to know the song, you’ll hear how cool they are. As a final word of praise for the track. Just listen to 2:45, where everything comes to a standstill and Caleb Followill’s voice rings out over the quiet picking of guitar strings. Then a huge wave of rock and roll hits you in something that I find so good it’s just too hard to describe with words. That’s enough from me, I’ll just leave you with the song. Oh, and also with the video. If you love it as much as me, check out this live performance:


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