Krwlng – Linkin Park

22 Jan

So here we go. Linkin Park. One of the worlds biggest bands at the moment, they are mostly renowned for incredible hits like In The End and the super-famous Numb/Encore that, with a little help from Jay-Z, basically took over the music world for a period of time. But this post isn’t about that stuff, because you know about that stuff. This post is about Krwlng, which is Linkin Park’s own remix of their song Crawling:

This song is taken from Linkin Park’s album Reanimation, which is an album they made consisting entirely of remixes of their released tracks. In my opinion this album slips through the net a lot when people talk about all the great stuff Linkin Park have produced. It has some awesome remixes on it, and I think this one tops the lot. Hopefully this is something you don’t know from someone you do, and if not, you can pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for being aware of it. Also, if you never heard the original version, here it is:


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