Boats and Trains – Stornoway

5 Jan

I love lists. Specifically ‘best-of’ lists. Especially ‘End-of-year-best-of’ lists. They seem incredibly indulgent, critics allowed to write about everything they loved that year. They’re also useful to remind you of those Spring tracks that you had completely forgotten about and ones you had forgotten about through sheer monotony (you know Olly Murs had a number one this year?!) Despite a general agreement throughout about what rocked (Cee Lo enjoyed a thoroughfare of praise) there are personal favourite that leave you cold about these lists when they’re omitted. A band that I thought I’d see more of but haven’t are Stornoway. Without breaking into hyperbole, this band are truly fantastic. Take a look at the video of their break-out single (perhaps one of my favourite tracks of the year if it didn’t feel so much like a song T-Mobile would use):

Without trying to sound like an American cheerleader called Madison, cute right? This gives the scope of the band, just the right side of twee. Here’s a band that can produce great singles and albums. Listening to Beachcomber’s Windowsill is an absolute pleasure and it’s difficult to single out a favourite tune.

I’m going to go with Boats and Trains. This song feels atmospheric (how very xx of them) but also has a flowing narrative that this Oxford band seems to excel at. Take a listen:

I urge you to take a listen to their album, it’s very easy on the ears (not in a Dido way).


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