Factory – Band of Horses

15 Dec

‘Tis the season for Best-Of-The-Year lists and a band that will crop up fairly frequently are like to be Band of Horses. Although they have produced some consistently decent albums, their most recent, Infinite Arms has proved to be a critical, and more importantly a commercial one too. Essentially, it is more of the same. But better. Whereas their previous tracks, The Funeral and The End’s Not Near have had the pleasure to appear on The O.C and One Tree Hill, they were also prone to a sentimentality. Instead, their latest crop feel more thoughtful and less melodramatic.

Take Compliments for example (a rather nice live example in fact):

It seems less over-indulgent than their previous outings and the rest of the album just seems more exciting. Practice makes perfect, I hear. Their standout track is Factory, with its’ sweepingly melodic chorus’ it somehow retains a balanced feel.

Their album is seriously worth taking a listen to and even if they don’t prove to be your favourite band they’re still worth a hearing. If it seems that I didn’t like the previous albums, it was more that they seem to have improved so much rather than what they did before was so dull.


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