City Dreams – Antonio Paul

11 Dec

Antonio Paul is not one person, but two Australian teenagers who show off how talented they are by producing irresistible indie pop. As soon as I heard the first song on their brand new release, Treasures EP, I was hooked.

The guitar riffs on this one are awesome, and the vocals are mellow and soothing. The drum beat also changes a couple times throughout the song, and it’s really refreshing. One sugary synth melody also keeps coming back around, and that’s the part I keep on humming ; it’s just so catchy. While seemingly all upbeat and funky at first, there is most definitely a softer more reflective side to this song that first reveals itself after around two minutes. I think it really adds to the track, and once it concludes, you realise that there are so many different moods thrown together in there that you just have to go back and listen a few more times. Well, that’s the way I felt anyways. You can pick up a copy of Treasures EP on iTunes, and check out the guys’ MySpace for more info.

One Response to “City Dreams – Antonio Paul”

  1. Nick December 12, 2010 at 10:41 am #

    Love this.

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