Brain Storm (For Erin) – Mark McGuire

10 Dec

Here’s a thoughtful one. Mark McGuire has totally amazed me recently. I stumbled across his track Postcard which is the kind of guitar

The track starts off beautifully, almost sounding like it’s raining. Then it gets a little more solid, introducing a great riff that repeats itself a few times. All of a sudden a whole new heavier layer comes in, and it sounds absolutely stunning. This is by far my favourite part of the song, and one of those moments where the music just gets you. Then McGuire adds another awesome melody, before the song swells one last time before fading to nothing.

Like I said, this is just one of those songs that strikes a chord with me. If you know me or are a regular reader, you might know that I love a good instrumental song, and this one here most definitely qualifies. Mark McGuire has also recently released a cassette called Misunderstandings. Each side of the cassette has a fifteen minute piece on it, and having heard both, I can honestly tell you that they’re incredible. I’ll be very impressed if you get your hands on one though, because they seem to be uber-rare. Have a great Friday!

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