Horchata – Vampire Weekend

24 Nov

It’s quite a feat to make preppy seem cool but somehow Vampire Weekend did it. With their own brand of college-cool, radio-friendly, ironic and upbeat tunes they made a real impact on the Alternative Pop scene when they broke out. Their first album contained real gems such as  A-Punk and Oxford Comma. When your songs are known by your middle-aged English teacher, you know you’ve crossed a boundary and entered into a certain strata. My favourite of this album was the wonderfully poppy Campus that felt cinematic, imagery that belongs  in a high-school or college setting after a bad break up. Take a listen and revel in lyrics such as:

How am I supposed to pretend

That I never want to see you again?

There was a certain pressure on their second album then to continue their clever, carefully crafted music. Mostly they delivered with aplomb. Cousins was an immediate hit and Holiday and Giving Up The Gun showed that they have plenty of performing petrol left. Once more, one song in particular stood out in the form of Horchata. If the traditional Valencian beverage didn’t sound like the recipe for a song, they certainly proved us wrong. Their fantastic enunciation on each word stands out on this record creating a lovely, subtle song that once more provides a vivid sense of imagery. Take a listen/watch of a live session (skip to 2.20 for the song), and with lyrics like:

In December drinking horchata
I’d look psychotic in a balaclava

The song screams alternative Christmas number one.


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