The X Factor – Any Talent?

21 Nov

It’s very easy to write the X Factor off as commercial rubbish that produces meaningless pop, masterminded by Simon Cowell. Because, very often this is true. Every year the music seems to get BIGGER, the gossip more SCANDALOUS and the narrator even more IRRITATING. This year, there have been some surprises. Well, there’s been one. The continual persistence of Katie Waissel. She has actually ousted one of the genuinely good acts, Aiden Grimshaw. So now, in the peak of the competition, this author asks if there is any talent left in the competition.

There is a lot of quite forgettable talented performers that sing quite adequately but never rise above the levels of mediocrity (Paije, Mary Byrne) but one that really shines is the Liverpuddlian, Rebecca Ferguson.

Here’s her audition:

She immediately stands out with her look, quirky for X Factor standards and great song choice. She has become somewhat of the connoisseur’s choice to win and it’s no surprise. Her voice has a warmth and edge that others lack in their karaoke-esque renditions. One of her most memorable choices was, Why Don’t You Do It Right, where she lived up to the trite X Factor cliche of giving it one hundred AND TEN percent.

Alas, it is harder to find many other good choices. Cher Lloyd has the irritating habit of rapping over every song and during her performances with no hint of N-Dubz, the weakness of her vocals is audible. There is one act that is on a par with Rebecca, the early favourite Matt Cardle. His voice is undoubtedly skilled as proven on tracks like this:

It just seems worrisome that on leaving the competition a cut-out career as Topman-wearing, Indie crooner Olly Murs-esque awaits him. On a side note, there have been some great group performances this year. My favourite being their version of Cee Lo’s tame version of Fuck You:

So there you go, genuine evidence that there is talent left in talent shows. Just note the conspicuous absence of One Direction and Wagner.

One Response to “The X Factor – Any Talent?”

  1. Rico November 24, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    Wow, i’ve just read Matt’s history page and it even brought me close to tears! It’s how i felt aswell.

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