Chlamydia Rainbows – Kayote

18 Nov

Ignore the name for a second. Chlamydia Rainbows, not the intentionally badly spelt Kayote that is. Instead see a new, fresh, young, unsigned band, and then be impressed by the number of adjectives I came up with for them. They have a sound probably best described as akin to Foals, similar to Bombay Bicycle Club and influenced by The Maccabees, and it is this desicion to draw on the very youthful end of the already very young indie spectrum that makes their sound so interesting.

Chlamydia Rainbows is a great example of this edgy and bouncy indie sound. The tune has some great guitar rifts, many of which, I am told by the band’s lead guitarist, are the toughest in the band’s repertoire. Having said this, any hardship felt by their plecstrums is well worth it, because there is very little which could be criticised throughout the first half of the song. Much the same can be said of the second part, where the influence seems to come more from the Bombay Bicycle Club. The tone, speed and mood changes completely, with a noticable change in the lyrics to match. The second part holds together a tight slide into musical precision. From such a young band it is incredibly impressive to see such control over their melody and music.

Recently, Happy and I were also lucky enough to be involved closer with the band. I was Director and Happy was a Camera Man during the production of their music video of this very song through my film production company CreativeChaos, which we are both part of. The film was a very rushed project to fit in with very short deadlines, and it combines performance and narrative. The narrative portrays two ex-lovers who meet, and one is unsure that he wants to be with the other. However, after avoiding his potential other half, old emotions are reawoken in him and he returns to her. Enjoy.


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