LCD Soundsystem & Hot Chip

12 Nov

On Wednesday two great bands came together at an amazing venue. as Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem both played Alexandra Palace. It’s an amazing stage and the sound was electric as the two bands reminded the audience of their expertise at crafting perfect slices of intelligent dancefloor pop.

I was more excited about LCD, after a sterling album (just one part in a long string of successes) but Hot Chip really surprised in their atmospheric music. Of their album a few songs stand out as true equals of their infectiously upbeat Over and Over and Ready for the Floor. One Life Stand, I Feel Better and Hand Me Down Your Love are among these. Their wonderfully 80’s-centric Thieves in the Night is my favourite and one of their most memorable performances. Take a listen:

The night really belonged to LCD, whether it was due to the amount of alcohol that had been consumed or their theatrical stage, it felt as though Hot Chip were mainly a support band albeit very professional. LCD have stayed consistent favourites of those who appreciate their subtle, disco style and their latest offering does not disappoint. Their most instantly catchy and wonderful party soundtrack Drunk Girls. When it played, the audience came alive with a booming chorus that’s more soundbite than anthemic.

It’s a fantastic song, poppy enough to play a party, cool enough to sing along to. All in all a great night and a fantastic showcase of two exciting bands’ music.


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