Young Love – Mystery Jets & Laura Marling

10 Nov

Okay so it’s been a while (like a week and a bit) since I wrote about a song involving Laura Marling so I thought I better rectify this, digging into the year of 2008 and Mystery Jets second album, Twenty One, and bringing out Young Love, a track I personally adore. In a way it displays the youth of both artists when they were creating it but again shows an attention to melody and lyrics that you can only get from young musicians trying to create something fresh and new, with the influence of the past.

There is a finger on the pulse of young modern life probably seen most obviously in the lyrics:

If I only knew your name 

I’d go from door to door

Tell me have you seen the girl

I’ve met just once before

This is just one of the many lyrical genius lines, take a look at more. There is a certain attention which you can immediately associate with, and it draws you into the story. Laura Marling’s voice creates an interesting and defining contrast to Blaine Harrison’s. The cleverly constructed duality of the two halves of the song creates something which just about reaches brilliance on its highest scale. Sure, it can seem slightly contrived but it works so well, blending with the songs subject and also the style of music being employed.

The melody has a special quality, perhaps even better now, two years after it was first released, when the style of including older influences into your music is even more popular. There is the classic basic melody with its fine accents being crafted in a muted guitar finesse, it creates a very delicate melody that compliments the rest of the composition.

The Mystery Jets have moved on from the illegal parties which first brought them to the attention on Eel Pie Island, famous for being an independent country for a few hours in 2005. They recently released Serotonin their third album, which is definitely worth checking out. Also, if you haven’t already, watch the music video for this song here.

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