Never Again – The Midway State

14 Oct

I think I have been struck by Canada fever because today’s band once again hails from the Great North. The Midway State are a four-piece alternate rock group who have supported major artists like Death Cab For A Cutie and Kate Nash and yet are all but unknown in this country. But the band are certainly not small fries in the music industry. They have done a duet with Lady Gaga which is a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up,” and their song “Unaware” was featured in the very last minutes of The O.C.

Now to the music. Holes was released in 2008, their debut album, to great acclaim. It was a rarity for the modern rock music world. Nathan Ferraro boasts some of the finest vocals you will hear, bringing an urgent but comfortable sound to the microphone. But once you can hear what else is going on, you will hear how piano focused their music is, complimenting Ferraro’s voice perfectly. Holes is a virtuoso album and a sign of things to come.

Never Again is the most exciting track of the album and their lead single. It reached 15 in the Canadian music charts and is a real rock ballad. Ferraro’s soaring falsetto’s make this a real exciting piece of music and one which will certainly make its way onto your iPod! You can buy the rest of their album or give it a good listen if you want to see more first, but look out for an interview coming soon!


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