Difficult – Uffie

12 Oct



You can’t get much more Universal than Uffie. She’s Miami-born, Hong Kong-raised, Paris-based. Famous  for being underground electro artist, vocalist, rapper, entertainer, songwriter, producer and fashion designer. Her music being described as French house, synthpop, electro hop, nu-disco, club music and synthpunk. So we can definitely say she’s pretty talented, having had successful colaborations with Justice on Tthhee Ppaarrttyy and several very nice singles. But its taken her a good four years from her first single Pop The Glock to come up with her first full length album amid divorces and children.

But every second of those last four years has been worth it for her fans. The latest offering from the album which came out in June this year is Difficult. And My God does it deliver. It exudes confidence, on all levels, in her synthetic electronic melodic touch, the strong beat and a lasting musical epitaph in the chorus. The usual wall of sound, which would require an understanding of Chaos Theory to untangle, is not present instead its refined but ever so Uffie. Once again we see the collision of European and American influences, the result has the vastness of melody while at the same time it has obscene detail and precision in its meanders. Difficult is out on the 18th October.

And if this tightened and reigned Uffie isn’t so much your style then here is her most famous track, the ultimate in Euro-American music galvanization in Pop This Glock.  Enjoy.

And because the video for Difficult is like every Dream/Nightmare any Teenager has had:

And if you like Uffie then here are some other artist you might like:

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