It’s About Time – Barcelona

5 Oct

There’s not an awful lot to write about Barcelona. Formed in Seattle, Washington in 2005, the band classify their style of music as piano rock, a name that in most cases is fitting. The band independently released their album Absolutes in 2007 on their own label which they called NBD Music. Universal Records realised their potential after the praise that their album received, and so signed them up before remastering their album and releasing it again in 2009. After they decided to part ways with the label, who knows what the future holds?

This song, It’s About Time blends piano in with guitars, drums and vocals seamlessly. The band truly achieve what they call ‘piano rock,’ and it’s a joy to listen to. It’s also tough to classify the mood of this song, and it’s a bit unique in that way in my opinion. Check it out and see what you think. This is just the beginning. The band have loads of great material, and my other particular favourite is a song called Come Back When You Can, which is a different kind of song, but still great.

Check out the music video for It’s About Time below, and the band’s MySpace here.


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