Funnyman – KT Tunstall

24 Sep
KT tunstall

KT Tunstall

I can honestly say this is the only artist that wasn’t making music while my mother was still considered young by the majority of people, that she has drawn my attention to. I remember listening through Eye To The Telescope back in 2004 and thinking how on earth did KT Tunstall produce so many instantaneously brilliant tracks? That album, I have to say, nurtured my love for female artists and led me onto others such as Florence + the Machine and Laura Marling, it was KT Tunstall’s brilliance and control of a melody and lyrics as well as the quality of her vocals which drew me in and got me hooked.

So why focus on her second album? Drastic Fantastic is often considered to have her less avant garde and less inventive music than her debut Eye To The Telescope. This is generally true every song from her debut album had a sense of being a great hit almost. But this much neglected second album still has a lot of great tunes. This particular one, Funnyman, grows on you, the strong beat and tune combined with the simply sublime lyrics which are almost enchanting the way in which they come to life when she sings them. Famed for her voice and her ability to twist lyrics into funny and interesting shapes its almost unbelievable that this track has almost been forgotten about. Its slightly scratchy and rough quality to the track makes it even more interesting, its a slow grower but something definitely worth listening to until it has you wrapped up in its magnificence.

Suddenly I See from Eye to the Telescope

And as if that wasn’t enough KT Tunstall has a new album coming out called Tigers Suit out on September 27th which sounds out of this world, and if you don’t believe us then listen to this preview:


One Response to “Funnyman – KT Tunstall”

  1. Katie September 25, 2010 at 7:36 am #

    I am so glad someone wrote about this amazing song! I love Funnyman! It is one of my favorite KT Tunstall’s songs! I am thrilled she’s coming out with new stuff! Can’t wait to get the album!

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