Time – Hans Zimmer

18 Sep

Okay, maybe it’s a little unusual, but if any piece of classical music is good enough to feature on a blog, this is it. German composer Hans Zimmer has helped produce soundtracks to over 100 films over the course of 3 decades. It’s safe to say that he knows what he’s doing. Each soundtrack is incredible and fits the film staggeringly well, and there are always at least one or two absolute gems to be heard.

This track, entitled Time, is from the recent movie Inception. It’s an epic song and the strings swell beautifully with an piano accompaniment. Near the climax, horns are blasting and it just makes for something incredible. I would just put this on and sit back and listen…

Then again, if classical music isn’t your thing, never fear. You know we like to look after you over here, so here’s an awesome remix of the song to enjoy:

Time – Hans Zimmer (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix):

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