Obsessions – Marina and The Diamonds

10 Sep


Marina and the diamonds



So our second female artist is Marina and the Diamonds, Marina being the Greek-Welsh musical enchantress and the Diamonds being her fans. Marina has risen to prominence in the last year since I first heard her on Huw Stephens back in Mid-2009. Coming second on the sound of 2010 poll to Ellie Goulding, something which I would personally dispute, not that Ellie Goulding isn’t also good. If there is one thing I love about Marina despite her huge musical talents is her fan interaction and despite all the fame she still seems to have remembered how to smile naturally and look at least like shes having a good time, something we rarely see from stars.

Why is she so good as a musician though? Well lots of reasons her ability to switch styles and yet thread a common strand between each of her tracks is something that should be admired. She has mastered the strong ballad with her own quirky style while bringing in indie alternative influences, its almost as if she is recreating the once clearly defined genre lines.

This particular song, Obsessions, is a softer melody, with its quiet piano notes contrasting with her stronger voice, the way in which it turns a simple melody into something so special and enchanting is really quite… well, enchanting. That mixed with her her vocal control and lyrical wizardry, they make very little sense when you really listen to them, but at the same time both contextually and also meaningfully strikes a strong chord. Its very rare to see someone so young enter the scene and be able to create a quiet melody that actually does have such a connection with the average listener and their experiences, it goes to show that its all about connection and quirkiness when it comes down to it.

Oh No! is perhaps more representative of Marina’s style cartoony quirky and mixing solid alternative melody with pop like influences, it also lyrically returns to Marina’s obsession with modern life and the culture of Self-obsession.

This is her latest Single Shampain and again takes on a very quirky style

Watch this space from a talented young artist and check out her album début The Family Jewels now.


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