Schoolin’ – Everything Everything

1 Sep
everything everything

Everything Everything

Everything about the indie genre has been flogged to death- is the murmur that has begun to spread through music circles. This would on any day sadden such an avid follower of the genre, which brought us bedroom artists and showcased the haphazard magic they created first on the internet then on the festival and gig stages around the world. But the reality is that im not bothered in fact I believe nothing could be futher from the truth, because I’m listening to Everything Everything. Indie was the word that Burst the Pop bubble of synthetic and repetitive music and its beauty is the ability to reinvent itself constantly and be whatever the band wants.

Everything Everything are the new indie sound, heralding from Kent, Manchester and Newcastle in the UK they represent the latest incarnation of the indie phenomenon mixing tight guitar rock with their own brand of electronic enhancements and brash bass-lines, and what a marriage it is. The music almost represents what, I imagine, their minds look like, a wacky insanely elaborate mechanism, producing beauty and insanity in equal measure, you find yourself wondering if it should even work, then you realize it doesn’t matter because it surpasses just “working” on all levels.

The band manage to achieve a tightly choreographed and easily ordered tunes among all this musical chaos, Schoolin‘ is an example of where these two styles meet the collision of unimaginable beauty and tangled madness and its glorious. You try to find fault in the high pitched vocals and the wall of noise that threatens to invade at any second, but it pulls back from the edge just in time and its flaws turn into perfection and order returns just for it all to cycle around again.

Man Alive - Cover art

Man Alive - Cover art

The enigmatically named MY KZ, UR BF (standing for My Keys, Your Boyfriend) offers a similar glimpse at the madness within, indicated by the volcano explosion on its cover art, where as slower tracks such as Leave The Engine Room are just as poignant and memorable and Suffragette Suffragette makes sure you never forget this band has complete mastery over lyrics and guitar rifts . Their whole album, Man Alive released on 30th August, makes you realize that while you can see the mish mash of influences on their music you’ve really heard nothing quite like it before.

Everything Everything have rewritten the rule book with their debut album Man Alive, and with this new definition I personally can’t wait to see what they come back with next.

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