King of Rome – Goldheart Assembly

29 Aug


This band’s claim to fame? They performed a live session both on BBC Radio’s Introducing program with Steve Lamacq and also at the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury festival as an unsigned band and one of the only bands to do so. So they must be good?

I’m pretty sure as much as Mumford & Sons followed in Noah and The Whale’s gigantic footsteps, Goldheart Assembly again try to bring a new spin to the ever more listened to folk/alternative genre. They introduce a lot more electronic influences looking back on some recognizable effects and styles through the ages, a telephone ringing and merry-go-round are a few of the appearances. It’s this control of audio thuggery and also the ability to move music in an organic way which makes them stick out from the rest of the crowd.

Wolves and Thieves

Their first album Wolves and Thieves is best described as a river negotiating rapids, meanders and waterfalls as well as a whole load of other geological stuff, making something instantly changeable but beautiful. The highlight track that everyone will pick up on is King of Rome achieving a heavy but deliberately slow beat it delivers on so many levels and building and swelling and always holding onto you.

Two other tracks that deserve a Hidden Gem mention are Jesus Wheel and Hope Hung High both solid tunes, while probably not the first track you would pick out but the well-chosen lyrics of both and the layered and complex and unique soundscape they quickly make an impression.

Check these guys out because by all accounts they are gonna be making some waves.


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