Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) Lionheart Remix – Florence + The Machine & Jamie T

19 Aug
florence and the machine

Florence + the Machine

I don’t know about you but I love a good remix, a track you know and love can be made into something fresh and unique by a good remixer. The skill is choosing the best parts from the original track and building and layering a track around it. By nature a lot of remixes are used as dance tracks, the easiest and best way to remix them being adding in a nice bass beat and repeated samples.

So when Florence and The Machine teamed up with Jamie T, I was always expecting something different and special. The result matched expectations, this has to be in my top five remixes of the decade. Anyone who can get a harp into popular music deserves credit, the blend of the psychedelic harp and bouncy piano cords really works here as it did in the original.

Rabbit Heart (Raise it up) Album cover

I’m sure many of you have either heard the original or this remix, for those who haven’t, where have you been?? For those who have maybe its time to rediscover this track’s perfection.

And if you liked that then You’ve Got the Love remixed by the XX is also a tune, though more a cover than a remix but still just as good:

Flo’s remixing talents with Dizzee Rascal at the Brits:


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