Greengrass – I Am Arrows

12 Aug
I Am Arrows

I Am Arrows

If Muse is black coffee then I Am Arrows is its lighter latte version. The band is the new project of ex-Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows formed in june 2009, and was immediately signed to the same record label as Razorlight, Universal, eleven days after Burrows quit Razorlight itself, and for the last year they have been working on their latest album Sun Comes Up Again.

So what’s there to shout about? well despite being a latte in style compared to Muse that doesn’t mean they aren’t masters of their own style. With a name like I Am Arrows it follows naturally that their going to be drawing on indie influences, but add in a measure of pop and we get to a sub genre called indie-pop which they are very much a part of.

The single GreenGrass:

This particular track, Greengrass, employs the lighter lyrics and acoustic guitars on top of a distorted bass and synth, something that I have a lot of appreciation for when done right. The bass gives it it’s much-needed heavy edge and offsets the bouncy tune on top, but make no mistake the melody is both enjoyable and employs many of the techniques that Muse made successful, granted this band hasn’t matured as far as Muse has, but this may be the beginning of it.

Andrew Burrows

As if to confirm their influences the band recently supported Muse at the Stade de France, Paris and will do so again at Wembley, London in September. Sun Comes Up Again is to be released on the 16th August and the band has confirmed a full UK tour.

Here are the links to the band’s official website and MySpace page.

This is the Official Video for Greengrass, filmed on the Isle of Wight:

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