Rococo – Arcade Fire

9 Aug

Cover art for "The Suburbs"

Hello I’m Ricochet a friend of Happy who is joining Can You Hear This after deciding that it was going to be more fun than my old music blog, Arcade Fire is the first band on my hit list, which includes most genres, so buckle up.

Arcade Fire is unique in many ways since bursting onto the scene in 2003 the creation of  husband and wife duo of Win Butler and Régine Chassagne from Montreal, in Canada. the band its self boasts 7 current members and 6 former members. That and an impressive array of instrumental talent, with memebers able to play the guitar, drums and bass guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass,  xylophone,  glockenspiel,  keyboard,  French horn,  accordion,  harp,  mandolin and hurdy-gurdy often rotating through instruments on live sets.

The first two albums from this band made serious waves, the slightly dark tone of the first album, Funeral, came from the death of several relatives of band members. The album came top of MTV’s album of 2005 list and second on NME’s. It also won thier first nomination for the Best Alternative Music Album Grammy in 2005. They built on this with neon bible, which won them the Meteors 2008 Best International Album award and the Juno Awards 2008 Alternative Album of the Year.

So we can be sure these guys know what they are doing with their latest album The Suburbs, released on 2nd August. and sure enough they deliver the result is a grand display of ambition and strikes the nail on the head.

The track we are focusing on is Rococo its a very beat dependent tune that draws on the bands ability to use so many instruments, a firm beats leads the ambition this album decides to spell out and while devoid of a lot of complex vocals it makes up to that by applying a mix of well thought out melody and strong lyrics that stick to the inside of your skull.

The whole album flows organically between tracks, there is so much to appreciate and indulge in. Its ability to switch between epically grand ensemble tracks and then flow to smaller and quieter guitar melodies that draw you in and bring the track in. Not many bands have this ability to master and combine both styles in an album, each track is thought out and well excuted musically, using guitar rifts and piano tunes to create something unique and personal to the listener. If i was to pick a album of the year so far I think this one might just clinch it, definitely watch out for them at the award ceremonies.

Arcade fire  at the Reading festival in 2007, with Rebellion (lies):


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