12 – Alexi Murdoch

28 Jul

Alexi Murdoch

This guy was born in Greece before oddly moving to Scotland. He ‘made it’ after he spotted K.D. Lang in the grocery store and handed her a cassette demo, but when she called wanting to hear more, he said he wasn’t ready.

This song is a great one. It starts off kind of strangely, with a woman in the background talking on a cell phone as the song builds up. But once she stops, the music really picks up and launches you into a nice repeated guitar riff before slowing down again.

Then we get the second wave of the riff coming back stronger. There are no real lyrics in this song, but to us it doesn’t matter. The music is still just as effective and intricate as anything with lyrics.

People who have been to see Alexi Murdoch play live tell me that there’s something distinctly different about his performances. They say that the crowd goes deadly silent, and just listens, as opposed to singing or cheering along. Even if you’re not a huge fan of this tune, I’d encourage you to check out his other material. Although the last album he released, Time Without Consequence, was in 2006, I’d definitely label him as one to watch for the future.

Time Without Consequence

If you want more info, visit his official website here.


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