Luv Deluxe – Cinnamon Chasers

27 Jul

Okay, well here we are. I’m going to start you off with a tune that you may not know of. It’s not often that I like a song because of the video, but if you get a chance, watch this bad boy, because it’s really one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen. On their website, it says that “Cinnamon Chasers are an alternative electro / indie electronica act from London, UK. Currently experimenting with philosophy and magic to create meaning amidst the randomness of existence.”

They speak the truth. Their video definitely experiments. The song is pretty good too, and although you may find it a little bit repetitive, and can only stand it as background music, there’s a lot of worse stuff out there. It’s probably also worth mentioning that their video won a competition for best music video, but enough about that. I’ll leave you to listen, and comment if it’s popular enough that you want me to post a link to download the actual song.

If you want more info, visit the Cinnamon Chasers Official Website


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